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Luxury Banner Advertising WITH
Million Euro Listings luxury property portal


● Increase brand awareness and maximize your company profile

● Targeted ultra-hi-net-worth individuals with campaigns across all social media platforms

● Greater visibility to reach clients through our blogs, podcasts and UHNWI campaigns

● Targeted traffic from the growing international investment demographics

● Promote your company brand & services and drive traffic to reach more clients

We give you maximum exposure & build brand awareness

Your banner advert campaign becomes the most effective way to build your brand awareness to reach and connect with the hi-net-worth consumers in today’s massive luxury market place.

As we target traffic from the growing international investment demographics, we strategically engage the social media platforms, attracting the hi-net-worth consumers to our luxury property portal through our advertising campaigns.

We build your company brand on our luxury portal and across all social media networks, targeting specific audiences with videos, IGTV, carousel ads, stories, blogs, engaging consumers and giving them direct access to your company website through our portal.

You can also engage and promote your company blogs, podcasts and videos on to our luxury portal to connect with a greater audience.

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Advertising banners - Building brand awareness

Banner ads are one of the most prolific forms of marketing used in today’s online world. Your property and business will be promoted and seen thousands of times on our portal and social network platforms.

We charge a competitive monthly fee for your banner advert. There are a limited number of positions on our portal, so please contact us for availability and pricing.


There are 4 main positions to advertise your company brand & services

Create your own banner design with the sizes shown below.

Million euro listings banner advert
Million euro listings banner adverts

(Ref No 1)
Top and bottom banners:
Ad Position:  Blog pages, Golden visa pages
Time Period: per calendar month
(image size required:  (764px x 165px)

(Ref No 2)
Side bar banner:
Advert position: Featured on side bar, on all property & property searches pages,  blogs pages, pod casts pages.
Time Period is: per calendar month.
(image size required:  300px x 255px )

Contact us about your advertising requirments

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