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The Naked Investor kizzi nkwocha

Introducing The Naked Property Investor podcast show.

The Naked Property Investor lays bare the secrets of successful property investment. With an audience of over 150,000 listeners in four Continents, The Naked Property Investor uncovers the truth behind the success of outstanding property specialists in our key markets – the UK, Australia, the US and Europe. Through our conversations with these extraordinary property thought leaders we’ll be providing you with insightful, practical and valuable advice on strategies for successful property investment, development, management, sales and financing.

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The Naked Investor kizzi nkwocha

Mario Carrozzo, CEO of Caridon Grouppulvinar dapibus leo.

In 2009, after the recession of 2008, Mario founded Caridon Property, which specialised in helping      
individuals hit by the economic downturn. Using his acquired knowledge and experience as a landlord,
he pioneered one of the first rent guarantee schemes in London, assuring a reliable income for landlords
and acting as a guarantor for vulnerable tenants who were struggling to find accommodation.

The Naked Investor kizzi nkwocha

James Stanton, Property Director & Managing Partner at Hoxton Property offers insight and advice on successful property investment 

Hoxton Property is a business at the forefront of property investment and aims to make your dream of having the perfect property portfolio a reality.

The Naked Investor kizzi nkwocha

Fairien Azeem, founder of Financially Savvy Society, explains how you can build your own financial empire

Financially Savvy Society is an organization dedicated to empowering women to improve their financial literacy and build…

The Naked Investor kizzi nkwocha

Simone is a former Winner of ‘Architect of the Year’ at the Women in Construction Awards UK,

she was named International Entrepreneur of the Year in 2018 and Most Inspirational Role Model under 40 also in 2018. Simone is head of Simone de Gale Architects (SGA), a revolutionary architect’s practice in London, whose style is founded on working from a set of theoretical and mathematical principles, developing each project into an exploration of Rhythm, Pattern and Repetition of form and material

The Naked Investor kizzi nkwocha

Kizzi meets Evan Maindonald, CEO of MELT PropertyEvan Maindonald, CEO of MELT Property,

He has over 25 years of experience in property development and investment. In the last 17 years, his company has built over
100 properties, including mixed-use developments, commercial buildings and apart-hotels in London, Gloucestershire and Kent with total end values of over £60m.

I break bread with Evan to find out how he became a successful property investor and how you can do it too.

This episode also includes great property investment advice from Max Phelps of GolddenEggs.


The Naked Investor kizzi nkwocha

Susan Farquhar, founder of Calla Property

Susan Farquhar, founder of Calla Property, is widely regarded as one of Australia’s leading experts in investment property.

She’s been listed in the Top 10 Property Specialists in Australia. She’s won the Chamber of Commerce award for Excellence in Innovation and she’s also been featured in the book ’50 Unsung Heroes of Australian Business.’ I break bread with Susan to uncover her secrets of property investment success.


The Naked Investor kizzi nkwocha

Kizzi meets Kavitha Vipulananda, Director of Alleura and author of the book, Property in Stilettos

Kizzi spends some time with Kavitha Vipulananda, director of Alleura, a trailblazing property investor, property developer and author of the book, Property in Stilettos : the savvy woman’s guide to building wealth and having it all.

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