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Moving to Portugal tax-efficiently

What you need to know about…
There’s no doubt that the Portugal is a fantastic place to make your home, but did you know living in Portugal can also offer financial advantages? If you are planning to move to Portugal, with early, careful financial planning you can make the most of tax-efficient opportunities and avoid potential mistakes.

Tax residence in Portugal…
 You are usually considered Portuguese tax resident after 183 days in the country, but it can be earlier if you have a permanent Portuguese home – potentially even the day you arrive.

Article by : Blevins Franks

Achieve More For Your Money

Achieve More For Your Money…
We help our clients achieve more by providing competitive rates on their international transfers, but more importantly we make it stress free, save them time and can make payment in over 130 currencies.

Currencies 4 You provide tailor made solutions for thousands of corporate and private clients every year. Our strategy is to protect our clients from volatile fluctuations in the currency markets.

Article by : currencies4you

Billion luxury magazine

BILLIONS LUXURY MAGAZINE is a lifestyle focused magazine, featuring a combination of international content covering subjects such as international fashion and beauty trends, travel and culinary news, watches, jewellery, high-end cars, gadgets and toys and,real estate and leisure pages.
This magazine is targeted towards high net worth individuals and showcases products and services available from some of the worlds most prestigious luxury brands.

Article by : Billion luxury magazine

Estate planning for UK nationals in Spain

Estate planning is one of those tasks that is easy to keep putting off, but do not risk leaving it too late.  If you do, your estate may not be distributed as you wish, and your heirs could end up paying more tax than they need have.

If you live in Spain, it is advisable to make a Spanish will to deal with your Spanish assets.

Article by : Blevins Franks

Perfect Homes Magazine

Perfect Homes Magazine is an inviting, informative and influential resource for those interested in real estate and property investments.

Article by : Perfect home magazine

The importance of domicile for estate planning

For British expatriates, understanding domicile is an important element of estate planning. It is domicile, not residence, that determines your liability for UK inheritance tax. With rates at 40%, UK inheritance tax is one of the most expensive taxes facing British families – and living overseas does not automatically protect you.

Article by : Blevins Franks

Foreigners back to buying in Spain

The rate of properties bought by foreigners in Spain is back to pre-pandemic levels, representing 12.6% of the total number of purchases in the fourth quarter of 2021. These are figures not seen since the last quarter of 2019, the last ‘normal’ period before the start of the Covid-19 pandemic and ensuing lockdown and travel restrictions saw operations from overseas buyers drop considerably.

Article by : Viva Costa International

House hunting in Spain

While there can be a number of hoops to jump through, one thing you must not forget is the nota simple. In basic terms, the nota simple is a detailed report of a property that is on the market.

They are crucial because they contain a full description of each property, what condition it’s in, who the legal owner is, when they bought it, any debts or legal charges against the property, defined use of the land, and any community costs for which prospective buyers would become liable.

Article by : Viva Costa International

london property news

London Property Times is a new and exciting property news portal, providing informative up to date editorials and all the latest breaking news.

Designed to showcase exceptional real estate for sale or rent within London and its surrounding areas.

Article by : London property times

Buying property in Spain

If you’re looking to buy property in Spain, you might have heard of or come across the concept of a ‘contrato de arras’ – but what is it, what rights does it give you, and what should you know before signing one?

In English contrato de arras translates to a deposit contract or deposit agreement and is an important, in most cases, essential, legal document to finalise an agreement for the purchase of a property in Spain.

Article by : Viva Costa International

Strategic financial planning for your life in Spain

It is important to review your financial planning from time to time.  One key reason is up to date. Establish whether any tax rules or financial regulations have changed and consider if developments in your personal circumstances mean you should adjust previous arrangements.

But an effective review of your financial planning, to ensure it is suitable for your life in Spain and wishes for the future, needs to go beyond that. 

Article by : Blevins Franks

Will France lose its appeal for Brits due to difficulties in getting finance?

This week one of the largest French banks BNP Paribas has started the process of closing down there non-resident mortgage divisions as it’s no longer profitable, it will be closed completely by the summer once the current case load has been processed.

The impact of the closure of BNP isn’t good news for Brits looking to buy in France as they were one of the major lenders in the market and narrows the options for anyone looking for a French mortgage.
Article by : Viva Costa International

Exchange Rates – What’s Going On?

The pound weakened broadly this morning, pulling back from a 23-month high versus the euro touched in the previous session as weakness in Wall Street prompted investors to take profits after a rally this week.

Traders have pushed the pound higher on expectations the Bank of England will raise interest rates as early as next month to combat soaring inflation.

Article by : Currency4u Global Payment Specialists

What are Spain’s rules for rentals?

While the Covid-19 pandemic has no doubt brought this number down, Spain still has a huge number of tourist rentals

Generally, most regions in Spain require you to apply for a tourist licence before being allowed to rent your accommodation out to tourists. The process is slightly different for each region but is generally done online through each regional government site.

Article by : Viva Costa International

Tax freedom day varies across Europe

How long does it take to earn money for yourself instead of the taxman? “Tax freedom day” varies greatly by country, but good tax planning can help reduce your burden, wherever you live.

If you ever had the feeling that you have spent half your working life just paying tax, you are not far wrong. What with income tax, national insurance/social security, capital gains tax, VAT, council tax, excise duties and so on, a considerable amount of our income goes straight to the taxman each year.

Article by : Blevins Franks

What will buying a home in Spain in 2022 look like?

September saw the biggest monthly property boom in Spain since the economic crisis of 2008, and the latest official stats show that the upward trend continued in October for the eighth consecutive month. 

This increase in demand and the comparatively small pool of pandemic-proof residential properties available in Spain has seen prices grow by 9.5 percent over the course of 2021. 

Article by : Viva Costa International

Important changes to the Spain’s plusvalía taxes

Home owners in Spain who intend to sell or pass on a property should be aware of the important changes to the country’s plusvalía taxes, which can amount to thousands of euros.

Plusvalía is a land value tax charged by town halls on urban properties which are sold, donated or inherited.  In general terms, it sees municipalities tax the increase in value of urban land on which the property is located from when it’s bought until it’s sold.  The person who sells or donates the property usually has to pay this tax, which varies between regions and municipalities. 

Article by : Viva Costa International

The Bank of Spain warns of possible price rises

The Bank of Spain has warned of rising prices in the property market due to lack of properties and increases in building costs.
Although the Bank doesn’t see warning signs of property overvaluation or crisis in the real estate market now,  it has warned that prices are rising and that they could rise further still due to increasing labour and supply costs.
Article by : Viva Costa International

Can restructuring your UK assets improve your tax liabilities in Spain?

Living in Spain has many attractions, not least the quality of life in a warmer climate. But, as with any country, it is not without some drawbacks, particularly unfamiliar local bureaucracy and a foreign tax system that can be confusing and concerning.

Once you are tax resident in Spain, your worldwide income and gains become liable to Spanish income, savings and capital gains taxes. In addition, Spain imposes an annual wealth tax which generally affects those with net worldwide assets over €1,000,000.

Blog via – Blevins Franks

House prices in Spain return to pre-pandemic levels

The price of property in Spain has increased during the second quarter of 2021, and now stands at the same level it was in 2019, before the Covid-19 pandemic which means people shouldn’t be waiting to buy hoping for a bargain property.
Article by : Viva Costa International

Spain’s rural areas have the worst access to basic services in the EU

While the thought of a tranquil property out in the countryside can sound idyllic, they can come with some issue that you should consider before buying one.  

Rural areas in Spain have worse access to services compared to other European Union countries, according to a study by the Bank of Spain. Titled “Access to Services in Rural Spain,” the report analyses the distances citizens need to travel to access basic services such as health clinics, nursery schools, supermarkets, hospitals, sports centres and libraries.
Article by : Viva Costa International

Digital nomads are here to save Spain’s ghost towns

Dozens of villages across Spain are in terminal decline. A new visa scheme aimed at digital nomads could revive them
How do you save a dying village?
For the small community of Oliete the answer was olive oil. In May 2014 the local community started – adopt an olive tree, in Spanish – to allow anyone in the world to sponsor an abandoned tree for €50.
Article by : Viva Costa International

Why retirement planning matters at any age

Whether you are nearing retirement or it is several years away, it is never too early to start thinking about how you will finance your golden years. Even if you are already retired, you should regularly review your arrangements to ensure you continue meeting your retirement goals.
Blog via – Blevins Franks

THE cheapest coastal holiday homes in Spain can be found in the Valencia region.

The foreign market usually accounts for nearly half of all purchase and sale operations in hotspots such as the Costa Blanca (Alicante) and according to figures by leading Spanish property evaluators, the cost of seafront villas used as second homes along the Valencian coast is the cheapest, getting you more property for you money.
Article by : Viva Costa International

You Can Buy a French Chateau for Less Than a Paris Apartment—but Don’t Expect the Life of a Princess

Despite the fantasy, these castles are a labour of love, require lots of upkeep and rarely appreciate in value.
In France you can find castles for less than the cost of an apartment. Last year, most of the chateaus sold by French real estate agency Le Nail went for between €300,000 and 1.2 million (US$355,170 and US$1.42 million). Compare that to the average price of an 800-square-foot apartment in Paris, which is nearly $1 million.
Article by : Viva Costa International

Moving to and living in France tax efficiently

If moving to France, make sure you understand how French income tax, wealth tax and inheritance tax work and how to maximise the opportunities available for your family.
Are you in the process of planning your move to France?  Or have you recently started your new life here? Either way, it is important to prepare for French taxation and adjust your wealth management accordingly.  
Blog via – Blevins Franks

Spain’s property market 2021

Spain’s property market has not yet experienced the drop in prices that many budding house owners were hoping for in 2021.
Some may therefore prefer to not wait for any potential downturn in the market and just go for it and purchase the Spanish property of their dreams as the downturn may not happen.
Article by : Viva Costa International

French property prices have risen by less than the European average over the past 15 years

Statistics covering the period between 2005 and 2020 show the price of property in France increased by an average of 38%. The average increase recorded for property across the EU over these same 15 years is 46%, data from Eurostat, the statistical office of the EU, shows.
Article by : Viva Costa International


To attract much-needed international investment a number of European countries have set-up schemes offering residential opportunities and citizenship via investment in real estate called “golden visas”.
More than half of Europe’s countries now have a formalized program with program’s for Spain, Portugal, Malta, Greece and Cyprus thus far being the most popular and prominent.
Blog Via Billions Luxury Portal

Turkish housing market grows in May as foreign buyers pour in

Home sales still marked the lowest level in a year, mostly due to a strict nationwide lockdown in May to curb the rise in daily cases . Some 59,166 residential properties were sold last month, according to the Turkish Statistical Institute (TurkStat) data. Month on-month sales were down 38.2%. Sales surged on high demand from foreign buyers, who purchased 1,776 homes in May, a 106.5% year-on-year increase, the data showed.
Article by : Viva Costa International

Luxury Property of the Week. Stunning newly built villa in Javea, Spain

PROPERTY AT A GLANCE A key ready new villa built to the highest standard, an outstanding mansion that is a pristine and modern expression of coastal luxury designed to deliver an environment of high class and ultimate comfort.

In a prime ocean front position where every area of the home has been designed to appreciate the beautiful views overlooking the Mediterranean Sea and one where the nearby islands of Ibiza and Formentera can be seen almost every day of the year.

How to retire abroad with financial peace of mind

Anyone recently retired or approaching retirement is entering a new and exciting phase in life. While some worry retirement will be boring, many embrace the freedom it offers. If you have chosen to retire abroad, you probably fall into the latter category!
Blog via – Blevins Franks


Based on six islands that portray the very best of Europe, The Heart of Europe is a group of islands in Dubai’s ‘The World’ archipelago being developed by The Kleindienst Group and while the Covid-19 outbreak has halted business activities onshore, the Heart of Europe islands are currently abuzz with activities where engineers, consultants and workers are speeding up construction works.
Blog Via Billions Luxury Portal

Luxury Property of the Week. Stunning contemporary property, Alicante, Spain.

Built to the highest standard on a flat plot of 3667 m2 with a build of 1370m2 this stunning contemporary property takes opulent modern living to another level with the absolute quality of concept, high-end appliances, the latest technology and materials and spectacular interior design and workmanship.

Spanish property market continues to emerge from the Covid crisis as sales soar

As the pandemic situation continues to ease in Spain evidence suggest that the Spanish property market is returning to pre-coronavirus levels.
The latest provisional figures published by the national government relating to the month of April, report that 42,211 homes changed hands during the month.
Article by : Viva Costa International


Leading Cypriot developer Leptos Estates has launched its latest waterfront project, Blu Marine. Located in vibrant Downtown Limassol, Blu Marine will house 247 sea-facing apartments set across three striking towers of 33 floors, 29 floors and 5 floors respectively…
Blog via Billions Luxury Portal

Luxury Property of the Week. Absolutely stunning frontline golf villa

Absolutely stunning frontline golf Villa located within the gated community of La Reserva De La Quinta, Benahavis, 10 minutes drive from Puerto Banús Marina.
This exquisite property has been recently constructed in a unique tropical style, with a beautiful French Caribbean designed interior, decorated and furnished to the very highest of standards with furniture designed exclusively for the property.


Bentley Motors have announced plans to develop the first ever Bentley-branded luxury residential tower in the world: Bentley Residences.
Top South Florida property developer Dezer Development will partner with Bentley to design and build the amazing tower, working with the world-renowned architectural firm Sieger Suarez Architects. The project will be designed in accordance with the Florida Green Building Council (FLGC) certification to ensure maximum protection of the local environment and its wildlife.
Blog via Billions Luxury Portal


LUXURY LIVING MAGAZINE  is a lifestyle focused magazine, featuring a combination of international content  covering subjects such as international fashion and beauty trends, travel and culinary news, watches, jewellery,  high-end cars, gadgets and toys and,real estate and leisure pages.

Luxury Property of the Week. Exclusive Yalikavak New Build

Daring to be different….this ultra modern curved design, absolutely superb Yalikavak new build futuristic design villa project. 5 bedrooms, 8 bathrooms, with amazing views to Yalikavak Marina. 
Located in a prime location and top residential area of Yalikavak, less than 5 minutes drive to Palmarina and the town centre, harbour.

Luxury real estate and Million Euro Listings flourish in 2021

Even in the midst of a global pandemic, the sale of luxury properties has been rising all around the world. During this difficult period investors and affluent buyers have been focusing on property and asset-based investments, such as real estate.
Throughout Europe, consistent and sustainable growth of around (3%) is the outlook for cities such as Berlin, Paris and Madrid. The cities mentioned all have regeneration projects planned in the coming decade which will upgrade stock and improve accessibility.
Blog by Million Euro Listings

Luxury Property of the Week. Contemporary cliff top villa

A most impressive property set on an enviable cliff top site overlooking Luz boasting unrivalled sea views. Just minutes to the beach and bordering the Quinta da Boavista golf course, this villa, built to an exacting standard, combines contemporary interiors and cutting edge architecture.

Andalucía, Spain reduces property purchase taxes for 2021

At the end of April, the Andalusian government unexpectedly announced that it was reducing the taxes applied on real estate purchases in the region.  This applies whether you are looking for a full-time home, a holiday home, or to be able to apply for Spain’s Golden Visa and its residence benefits.
Blog via – By Blevins Franks


Canary Wharf Group’s residential leasing arm Vertus, has welcomed it´s first residents at the brand new pet friendly building, 8 Water Street, Wood Wharf. The scheme is the second of Vertus’ Build-to-Rent (BtR) developments and is the first to fully welcome domestic pets to stay overnight.
Blog via Billions Luxury Portal

Luxury Property of the Week. La Villa. Marbella, Malaga, Spain

La Villa – This unique villa feature nine bedrooms, ten bathrooms and only the best materials have been used and is exquisitely finished. When entering the villa, you will see the impressive spiral staircase which is the main focus of the house.

Record quantities of provincial property deals as French escape to the open country

French estate agents recorded new high numbers of country homes sales in 2020 as city dwellers suffering under Covid-19 restrictions fled small apartments in Paris and other cities for the countryside.
The FNSafer association, who are in charge of managing the rural property market, recorded 111,930 house purchases by people from outside the farming community in 2020, up 6.6 percent in a year.
Article by : Viva Costa International

Premier Law team was in Dubai last week

The Premier Law team was in Dubai last week to promote the Spanish Golden Visa and the sunny Costa del Sol lifestyle, they found the topic is very well received abroad.
Premier Law have partnered with Million Euro Listings for a while now, they specialize in Real Estate, tax, corporate and inheritance law, as well as the increasingly popular Spanish Golden Visa.
Blog via –

Luxury Property of the Week. Stunning Mediterranean Villa

This Mediterranean style villa is situated in the selective El Madroñal area of Marbella, neighbouring the popular La Zagaleta Estate and Country Club.
The manor is genuinely stand-out offering character, security, extravagance and open space. Because of its raised position the perspectives from this property are totally unmatched traversing the Spanish coast line, Gibraltar and even the African coast across the ocean.
Agent : Property Finder Marbella

The Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia owns Château Louis XIV, the most costly house in history.

The 300 million-dollar Château Louis XIV has become the most expensive property in history. This stunning home, with its modern design and interiors reminiscent of a Beverly Hills house.

Foreigners purchase 18% of all property sales in Murcia

Despite the decimation of international travel since the onset of coronavirus from early in 2020 the residential property market of the Region of Murcia has continued to attract big numbers of non-Spanish buyers, with foreign purchasers accounting for 18.1% of all transactions made during the first three months of this year.
Article by : Viva Costa International

Understanding lawful and tax residence in Spain

If you are planning to move to Spain, Brexit has highlighted the importance of understanding and correctly following Spain’s residence legislation, and anyone who has not yet applied for a residence permit has new rules to navigate.
Blog via – By Blevins Franks

England’s richest areas have the lowest council tax bills

New analysis has revealed how London boroughs receive some of England’s lowest council tax bills, despite the highest house prices in the country.
London borough of Westminster, where average house price is more than £1m, has England’s lowest average council tax bill .
Article via –


In a galaxy not so far away—think L.A.’s Hidden Hills—is an estate that pairs imaginative design elements with contemporary comforts ..
If you’ve ever wondered where Luke Skywalker, Chewbacca and their cronies hang out between making Star Wars films, look no further than the out-of-this-world home in a gated Los Angeles Hidden Hills neighborhood that is now for sale.
Blog via Billions Luxury Portal

How you’re taxed in Spain

The Spanish tax regime is quite different from the UK’s, and currently includes an annual wealth tax  that doesn’t exist in most other countries. Even if you’re not resident, you could be liable for Spanish taxes, for example, when buying or selling property in Spain.
Although Spanish taxes can look relatively high, with personalised advice, Spain can be a very tax-efficient place to live. This is especially the case for retirees.
Article via – Blevins Franks

Tinsa report 5% rise in Mediterranean property values

House prices healthy on the Costas & in the islands while city centre homes depreciate
Tinsa report that average market values of homes in this country were 0.9% higher in February 2021 than in the same month last year, despite a 1% fall in the category of “capitals & large cities”.
Article by : Viva Costa International

Finca for sale by auction in Puigpunyent, Mallorca

Unique opportunity to acquire one of the very best properties in Spain. Finca Son Serralta is for sale in a no reserve luxury auction. Bidding opens June 9th 2021.
Blog via Imperial Properties

Portugal house prices jump 17.4pct in first three months of 2021

In the first quarter of 2021, the average sale price of residential property grew by 17.4% in Portugal, compared to the same period last year,
According to the national property market analysis report for the first three months of this year, despite the pandemic situation, property prices in the residential segment continued to show gradual growth, while the number of properties available for sale increased by 87.8%.
Article by : Viva Costa International

How Millennials are Changing the Luxury Real Estate Market

At 38%, millennials—adults born from 1981 to 1996—represent the largest share of home buyers in the U.S., according to a survey by the National Association of Realtors released last year. “They’re just as interested in owning a home. They just waited longer to buy their first one,” says Bradley Nelson, chief marketing officer of Sotheby’s International Realty.


The Los Angeles Saota designed home featured on Netflix’s selling sunset series arguably the most impressive property ever built above the Sunset Strip is listed for sale…
A new Los Angeles home designed by South African world-renown architectural design firm, Saota, has come to market at $43.995 million.
Blog via Billions Luxury Portal

Stunning Luxury Villa in La Zagaleta – Marbella

To stand out among the mansions of one of Europe’s most prestigious country clubs requires a property of some distinction, but this Stunning Luxury Villa in La Zagaleta, Marbella ten-bedroom villa does just that. 
Set on almost 1,4 hectares of land, this imposing Marbella home enjoys the supreme privacy, space, elegance and views that La Zagaleta ensures.


Former home of Rob Lowe designed to look like an English country manor has been listed for sale .. Previously owned by actor Rob Lowe the estate which was sold to billionaire Peter Sperling, former chairman of the for-profit college company Apollo Education Group, and his wife, Stephanie Sperling for $25 million in 2005, who then renovated the house into what it is today a beautiful English country manor, comprises of seven bedrooms and 13 bathrooms featuring classic English & French design touches with multiple large fireplaces and arched windows.
Blog via Billions Luxury Portal

5 Reasons To Buy Property In Spain

Over a year into the global COVID pandemic, & the property market in Spain is starting to recover. Now is the perfect time to invest in properties in sunnier climates. So here are the top 5 reasons to buy property in Spain in 2021.
Article by : Viva Costa International


Take a video tour around this Sleek and stylish luxury villa in Marbella with you tubers Matt & Summer.
Price: € 1,375,000 Agent : Whitefield Properties
Urbanización Golf Río Real, Marbella, España
Spacious and modern open plan interiors with a choice of 3 layouts of kitchen, open, closed or bar fully fitted with premium brand appliances.


Johnny Depp appears to be ready to relist his stunning French village estate. According to a recent media report ..
Depp listed the village estate in 2015 and 2016 at various prices from $27 million to $63 million, but it did not sell and now it looks like Depp will be putting it back on the market at approx. $55.5 million.
Blog via Billions Luxury Portal

Brits remain top buyers of resort properties in Portugal

Brits remain top buyers of resort properties in Portugal
Not even a pandemic is able to keep the Brits away from Portugal. A new study has now revealed that the British continue to be the main buyers of resort properties in Portugal in the second half of 2020.
Article by : Viva Costa International


UNIQUE BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY – The business of tourist submarines is one of the most successful business these days, furthermore, the marine leisure sector is the fastest-growing segment of the travel industry, as is evidenced by the success and growth of aquariums and marine parks, the cruise ship industry, seaside destination resorts, harbor and dinner cruises, and sports diving.


We have all been living in a COVID 19 bubble, so the new residential project designed by Spanish architect Vicente Guallart is certainly apt for these uncertain times…
Winning first place in a competition to design a new urban typologies for Xiong’an New Area run by the local government, the project which is presented under the title “The self sufficient city”, explores the premise that prevention is better than cure.
Blog via Billions Luxury Portal


This Hollywood couple may have divorced back in 2006 but the sprawling mansion they once shared is back on the market ..
The A-list couple owned the home from 2001 to 2006 and it is once again hits the market priced at $44.5 million.
Blog via Billions Luxury Portal

French property market remains ‘en vogue’ for UK investors

For many years, France has been attracting thousands of UK investors and holidaymakers due to its close proximity to the UK, warmer climate and fashionable lifestyle. The French property market remains ‘en vogue’ for UK investors

Article by : Viva Costa International

Property purchase is a reasonable excuse to travel overseas

Good news for home owners and potential purchasers of overseas property with the UK announcement of an Exemption to travel abroad to purchase, sale, letting or rental of residential property. Property purchase is a reasonable excuse to travel overseas.
Article by : Viva Costa International

Stamp duty holiday extended in England, Northern Ireland and Wales

The current stamp duty holiday has been extended in England, Northern Ireland and Wales. In his Spring Budget announcement for 2021, Chancellor Rishi Sunak (pictured) has confirmed that the stamp duty holiday will be extended until 30 June.  This is an extension beyond the original deadline of 31 March.

Pandemic may be boosting property values outside major cities

The latest monthly data published by leading Spanish property valuation firm Tinsa show that average market values of homes were 0.7 per cent higher in February 2021 than in the same month last year, although in the category of “capitals and large cities” a 1.4 per cent drop is reported. The Pandemic may be boosting property values outside major cities.
Article by : Viva Costa International

Rise in young people considering a move to Spain

Data suggests that there has been a large rise in the number of young people considering a move to Spain – to live the digital nomad life that has become far more attainable since Covid and the rapid rise in remote working
Article by : Viva Costa International

Affordability Criteria for overseas mortgage

How much can you borrow?

People wanting to know how much they can borrow always ask what’s the income multiples for an overseas mortgage, however Overseas lenders use a debt-to-income calculation as the basis for deciding whether applicants will qualify for a mortgage.
Article by : Viva Costa International

Lord Mountbatten’s opulent royal residence for sale

An impressive contemporary Georgian townhouse with an amazing ROYAL history and within walking distance to Belgrave Square and Buckingham Palace.
Lord Louis Mountbatten, great grandson to Queen Victoria and a much-loved member of the royal family and his wife, lived in this home beginning in 1941.

Portugal’s Golden Visa – changes from January 2022

The government has extended the deadline of amendments, initially set for July 2021, which were due to make some changes to the qualifying criteria for Portugal’s Golden Visa – changes from January 2022
Article by : Blacktower Financial Management Group

Top 5 Most Expensive Homes In The World 2021

As much as we love our own listings, it’s always interesting to look at some of the most expensive, luxurious properties around the world. From castles to mansions, below are the top 5 most expensive homes in the world 2021!

Portugal house prices up 5.9% during the pandemic

Portugal House prices up 5.9% during the pandemic – Any expected fall in the Portuguese real estate market has not yet occurred, with prices in Portugal instead rising 5.9 percent in 2020.
Aticle by Mark Nichols – Viva Costa International Mortgages Ltd

5 Top Luxury Villas in Portugal For Sale 2021

Million Euro Listings features many luxury houses, Luxury villas, luxury apartments, luxury mansions and land for sale in Europe. Here we take a look at 5 Top Luxury Villas in Portugal For Sale 2021.
Portugal, is loaded with exclusive luxury properties and private estates.

Top Luxury Villas in Marbella For Sale 2021

Take a video tour around 5 stunning luxury properties in Marbella. Discover these unique properties with their breathtaking sea and mountain views, amazing pools and modern architecture. A world where privacy and discretion come true.

Spanish residency after Brexit

Now that the Brexit Transition period has ended and the UK has officially severed all ties with the European Union, the residency process for Brits wanting to relocate to Spain has changed and is the same as for all other non-EU citizens wanting to become residents here.
Article by Premier Law

What is a Golden Visa 2021?

Golden Visas are offered by 26 European countries to attract foreign capital and business people by providing the right to residence and citizenship in return. Golden visa or Golden passports are also known as citizenship by investment. Golden Visa is one of Europe’s most successful citizenship by investment programs.

Brexit uncertainty prompt Sterling sell-off

The pound has come under considerable pressure throughout December, with Brexit uncertainty we look at prompt Sterling sell-off. During this time, we’ve seen GBP/EUR fluctuate between 1.11 and 1.08 whilst EUR/GBP has climbed to a high of 0.91.
Article by : Blacktower Financial Management Group

Most expensive property in Spain – €80 million

This property not only offers the luxury lifestyle of Marbella, it has an enviable quality of life from within its grounds as well. There’s a cinema, health centre with sauna, Turkish bath and gym, a swimming pool – complete with waterfall and grotto and much more!!!

How to get a TIE card in Spain – All you need to know

The TIE, or Tarjeta de Identidad de Extranjero, is the new Spanish identification card for non-EU citizens who wish to live in Spain. As of 6th July 2020 UK citizens will also have to apply for this card as the UK is no longer a part of the EU.
Article by : Premier Law

Financial advice for UK expats nearing possibility of a no-deal Brexit

This year has thrown many a proverbial spanner in the works for UK expats and no shortage of additional bureaucracy, from the global pandemic and market fluctuation to the ever-nearing possibility of a no-deal Brexit.
Article by : Blacktower Financial Management Group

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    USD strength continues to be the theme of this week, with the safe-haven currency set for it’s best month since 2015. The prospect of aggressive rate hikes in the U.S.,… [...]

    The pound held near lows last seen in 2020 against a strong dollar, as risk assets like the British currency remained under pressure on concerns over the impact of the… [...]

    The pound held near lows last seen in 2020 against a strong dollar, as risk assets like the British currency remained under pressure on concerns over the impact of the… [...]

    Last week’s economic releases were fairly quiet up until Thursday when we heard from all three major central banks (the Fed, BoE & ECB) speaking all within the space of… [...]

    Last week’s economic releases were fairly quiet up until Thursday when we heard from all three major central banks (the Fed, BoE & ECB) speaking all within the space of… [...]

    The British pound tumbled this morning, following data that showed slumping retail sales and record-low confidence as high inflation has cut into consumer spending. Retail sales volumes slid 1.4% from… [...]

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