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Easy step guide on how to add a listing

Step 1

Login in to your account

Step 2

Fill in your company profile

Enter all your company information on this page. (Just one time only)
Fill in as much information about your agency/company as we market your brand through all the social networks as well as on our portal.

Step 3

Add your property

Enter property information and images  (*Minimum image size of 500px x 500px )
*Important!……Your images they must be a minimum size of 500px x 500px

If you need to resize your images here is a free online bulk re-sizing tool you can use. Go to…..

Step 4

Add your Youtube or Vimeo video

Enter the Youtube or Vimeo video number only as shown in image (not the full url)

Mattersport or virtual tour script

When entering a virtual tour or a Mattersport tour then enter the full iframe code as shown in the image.

Step 5

Your Property List

In your,  “My Properties List”  tab you can see all your listing and edit each property from there. You can see each property stats, edit, disable, delete each property

Frequently Asked Questions

Your FREE advertising period

Your first month is FREE to advertise your property on our portal. We do not ask you for any payment or credit card details, so you can start straightaway. This is for a limited time only, so don’t miss this opportunity to advertise your properties today.

After your first month period if you wish to carry on with advertising your property then there will be a payment structure in place.

We charge a competitive fee for our advertising services, which encompasses listing your properties on our luxury portal, PLUS our social media marketing team will then start to promote your properties and grow your Company Brand on the all the Social Media Networks including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, LinkedIn, Pinterest. There will also be selected featured properties from your property portfolio added to our email marketing campaigns and to the home page featured section.

Payment structure.

Advertising package 1: One month unlimited listings @ 60 euros

Discounted Package 2: Three months unlimited listings @ 150 euros

Discounted Package 3: Six months unlimited listings @ 240 euros

Please click the link below and choose your preferred package:

Payment can be made either with Paypal / Stripe or Bank Transfer


Do I have to register?

You will have to register to be able to advertise and receive email inquires for your advertised properties.
You can register first (one time only)  and then upload your property
We only advertise properties, developments and land etc that have a minimum of €1 million euros at the time of advertising.
You can either upload your property manually or supply us with your XML feed link and we will upload them for you.

How long before my property goes online?

Once you have filled in all the information and images on your property you can then submit your property. It will go live online immediately. If you need to make changes to your advert, then log back into your dashboard and make changes and re-submit your property, it is as simple as that.

How do clients contact me?

Clients contact you through the contact form next to your property advert. You will receive the inquiry directly to your email account. Always answer as quickly as possible, no one wants to lose a sale!

Will my company name be advertised?

Yes your company name, brand, logo and contact details will be shown plus your company name will be advertised in our real estate directory and the searches to maximize your profile.

How do I delete my property from the portal?

Go into your dashboard setting and either delete your advert or just suspend it for a period of time.

Do I have to be an agent?

No you can be a private owner to advertise your property and use all the facilities that are offered by us to sell your property. If you have any questions then feel free to contact us at any time and one of our team members will get straight back to you.

My countries currency is not in euros, can I still advertise?

Yes, you can advertise your property if your currency is not in Euro’s. For example, if you are in the UK and your currency is GBP. Just calculate your GBP currency to Euros and enter the amount in your sale price.

Are there any commisions to pay?

There are NO commissions to pay to us.
Choosing to advertise your  properties is zero commission. Buyers can contact you directly, without any intermediaries.

How many listings can I advertise?

We are giving you the opportunity to add unlimited listings for FREE for a limited period. So don’t miss out and start today!

Can I upload with an XML feed?

Yes, if you have a XML feed already we can upload your set number of properties automatically.

This would be totally automated and is updated weekly, any new properties you have put on your own website would automatically be updated to our portal.

If you require an XML feed to be made for you then please:

Display good images to get inquiries?

We cannot highlight this issue enough….A great selection of photos for million euro property will get you more inquiries which leads to viewings. You probably know how important this is already but there is still some very poor quality photography being posted for properties of this caliber.

Our goal is to make this portal the most attractive luxury website on the internet, so your images help make this happen as we all work closely together.

We will only choose properties with the best images for our featured properties range and for our newsletters campaigns.

So if you want to be seen by serious buyers and get more inquires, make them stop on your webpage by showing a fabulous range of stunning photos.

Remove all sold properties?

Please either remove all sold properties or mark them as a sold property, this helps not to frustrate the new clients when looking through your portfolio and our portal.

Banner Advertising

Banners and Featured advertising:
Million Euro Listings also offer a range of banner adverts plus featured property slots. Get your business or a special property noticed by reserving a prominent position within the portals as follows

Quick guide to upload property

Please go to our quick and easy guide on how to upload a property page… Click Here

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